Resharper templates for unit testing with NUnit

If you’ve ever┬ádone test driven development for (TDD) over an extended period of time, you’ll probably agree that writing the same boilerplate test-code over and over can be a hassle. I’m talking specifically about structures like the following:

public void SetUp(){ ... }

public void Should_Do_Something_Or_Other(){ ... }

public void Should_Get_Some_Info(string targetPerson){ ... }


Writing a large number of tests quickly is perhaps the primary defining characteristic of a TDD process, so being able to generate code like the above quickly is an obvious advantage. If you use Resharper, you can add your own code templates to help you achieve this.

Below you’ll find three templates that I’ve been using for some time now, along with a description of how you can set them up in Visual Studio in under a minute.

Resharper Live Template Editor

Resharper Live Template Editor

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