Camel Case in Visual Studio using Resharper

I’ve always preferred to use camel case navigation if possible, but this is not the default behavior in Visual Studio. If you’re already using Resharper, this checkbox under Resharper > Options is the easiest way to enable it:

If you don’t know what I mean by Camel Case navigation, consider the following method name as an example:


Now say you want to remove “some” from this name. Normally in Visual Studio, if your caret is at the start of a word, and you click Ctrl + right, the caret will move to the end of the word, while Ctrl + Shift + right will mark the whole word, which is annoying when all you want is to mark and delete “some”.

With the CamelHumps option checked, you can move to the end of “Get” by pressing Ctrl + right once, then mark only “some” while Ctrl + Shift + right.

One thought on “Camel Case in Visual Studio using Resharper

  1. The Navigate to feature of Visual Studio doesn’t support navigation between members of a file. Instead, you can use the list of members in the upper left corner of the main window. Unfortunately, there are no keyboard shortcuts for quick access to the list.

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